The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research for SEO

Amazon Keyword Research

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research for SEO


Learn how to optimize your Amazon listings for higher rankings in Amazon search results. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the key components of Amazon SEO: keywords and sales velocity.

1: Keywords

Target the right keywords that people are searching for. Use Amazon’s recommended title optimization strategies for various categories, such as TVs, video games, bedding, bath towels, and tableware. The more specific and accurate your keywords, the better your listing will perform.

2: Sales Velocity

Sell more than your competition and at a faster rate to rank higher. Amazon benefits from higher sales, so they prioritize listings that outperform the competition. Focus on improving your sales velocity to improve your rankings.

Tip 1: Optimize Your Title

Include relevant elements in your title, such as brand, model, product type, size, quantity, power output, color, and design. Amazon provides specific title optimization recommendations for different categories. Follow these examples to create a title that performs well.

Tip 2: Optimize Your Description

Craft a well-crafted product description that expands upon the title, highlights the benefits, and can even include a product’s origin story and testimonials. Keep the description concise and readable, as Amazon customers prefer shorter chunks of text.

Tip 3: Use Bullets

Create bullet points that convey your main message and focus on your product’s best attributes. Each bullet point should highlight a specific benefit and be written differently from the title and description. Be mindful of Amazon’s character limit of 200 characters per bullet.

Tip 4: Take High-Quality Photos

Include multiple high-quality photos that showcase your product’s details and angles. Studio-quality photos are preferred over phone snapshots. For food-related products, consider including a photo of the nutrition information, ensuring it’s clear and easy to read.

Tip 5: Use Popular Keywords

Utilize tools like UberSuggest to discover popular keywords related to your product. Research keyword ideas, related questions, and prepositions to identify keywords of interest. Incorporate these keywords strategically into your listing.

Tip 6: Focus on Reviews

Positive reviews and a strong sales history contribute to higher rankings. Encourage genuine reviews from customers and learn from their feedback. Continuously improve your product based on customer input. If needed, provide discounts early on to stimulate initial purchases and generate more reviews.


By implementing these Amazon SEO strategies, you can improve your product listings’ visibility and drive more sales. For further assistance with Amazon SEO or paid ad management, consider NP digital, an Ad Agency that specializes in helping companies with Amazon optimization. If you found this tutorial helpful, please like, share, and spread the word.

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