Perplexity AI: Bridging the Gap for ChatGPT with Live

Perplexity Ai

Perplexity AI: Bridging the Gap for ChatGPT with Live

Chad GPT, one of the most sophisticated language models in the AI space, is limited by the fact that it is only trained on data up to 2021. This means it cannot provide live data or browse the internet for up-to-date information. This limitation can be frustrating, particularly for writers who are trying to create content that requires the latest information. However, Perplexity AI is an AI chatbot that can bridge this gap. It is powered by Chad GPT but can access live up-to-date information.

Perplexity AI: Features and Benefits

Perplexity AI is an excellent tool for writers and researchers who need more specific and up-to-date information about newer topics. For instance, if one asks Perplexity AI to write a blog post about the specifications of the iPhone 14, it can give a detailed answer. In contrast, Chad GPT is limited to 2021 data and cannot provide the required information.

Perplexity AI offers unique features that Chad GPT does not provide. For example, below each output, it shows the references or citations where it gathered the information. This feature allows users to check the sources themselves. Also, the tool highlights specific terms that may be useful for further investigation for that specific output. Users can click on the underlined terms to get a definition of what they represent.

Perplexity AI offers users related questions that they may want to investigate. These questions are similar to those that Google offers at the bottom of a search result page. This feature is helpful when users want to gather more information or write a blog post and need to increase their topical authority. In this example of writing a blog post about iPhone 14 specs, Perplexity AI offered related questions such as “how to activate night mode on the iPhone 14”, “what are the improvements of night mode,” and “how to take better night mode photos of the iPhone 14.”

Perplexity AI provides users with several use cases to explore on its homepage. Users can ask the AI chatbot any question they may ask Google, but the answers come much quicker and are more concise. Additionally, users can investigate and research much more easily than they could with Google.

In conclusion, Perplexity AI is an excellent tool for anyone who needs the latest and most specific information on a particular topic. It is particularly useful for writers and researchers who need to stay current on topics that require up-to-date information. Its unique features, such as providing references, highlighting terms, offering related questions, and providing more detailed or concise output, make it an excellent resource for anyone who needs to conduct research or generate content.

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