Hugging Chat vs Chat GPT – A Comparison


Hugging Chat vs Chat GPT - A Comparison

In this video, I will be comparing Hugging Chat and Chat GPT, two conversational AI chatbots. Hugging Chat is a free open-source chatbot that runs on the OpenAI Assistant model, offering an alternative to Chat GPT. I’ll be reviewing and comparing the outputs of both chatbots to see the differences.

Appearance and Speed.

Hugging Chat looks a lot like Chat GPT, and you can enter your input in the toolbar to generate outputs. Hugging Chat is quick compared to GPT-4, but slower than GPT-3.5.

Meaning of Life

When asked about the meaning of life, Hugging Chat provided a personable perspective, stating that there is no meaning without someone or some group imposing their own meaning on things. In comparison, Chat GPT gave an explanation of what the meaning of life is without taking a specific stance.

Writing Code

Hugging Chat was able to generate code when asked to build a WordPress theme. This output was more helpful than Chat GPT’s output when using the GPT-3.5 model. However, GPT-4 is superior in this regard.

Up-to-Date Information

When asked who won the 2022 NBA championship, Hugging Chat correctly answered that the Golden State Warriors won against the Phoenix Suns. In contrast, Chat GPT is not trained on information past 2021. Therefore, Hugging Chat is better trained on live and up-to-date information.

Latest iPhone Release

When asked about the latest iPhone release, Hugging Chat didn’t have information on the latest iPhone but provided information on the 2022 NBA championship. It’s trained on information up to September 2021, the same as Chat GPT. Both chatbots stated that the latest iPhone release is the iPhone 14.


In conclusion, Hugging Chat and Chat GPT have their pros and cons. Hugging Chat is better trained on live and up-to-date information, while Chat GPT is superior in writing code. However, Hugging Chat is still in its first version, so we can expect improvements as it continues to grow.

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