How to Write Engaging and In-Depth Listicle Style Articles Using Chat GPT


How to Write Engaging and In-Depth Listicle Style Articles Using Chat GPT

In today’s article, I’ll be sharing a step-by-step process to help you write high-quality and in-depth listicle style articles using Chat GPT. Listicle articles are incredibly popular due to their engaging and easy-to-read format. Whether you want to create an Amazon product roundup, a list of the best blogs in a specific industry, or any other topic-based listicle, this guide will show you the full workflow to create compelling content.

Step 1: Research and Gathering Information

To begin, we need to gather information from authoritative websites in your niche. Start by identifying relevant keywords, such as “how to become an affiliate marketer.” Search for websites ranking for these keywords, as they are likely authorities in that space. I recommend using ChatGPT’s plugin mode, specifically the web pilot plugin, to extract valuable information about these websites.

For example, let’s extract information from two websites: Ahrefs and Authority Hacker. By extracting the website name, description, type of content, and why people should follow them, we can use this information to create engaging list points in our article.

Step 2: Outline Creation

Once we have the information from our chosen websites, it’s time to create an outline for our listicle article. In the playground mode, start by priming the system with a prompt like, “You’re an expert blog post writer specializing in writing engaging and in-depth articles about the best affiliate blogs to follow.”

Next, paste the extracted information from ChatGPT, specifying that you want to create a listicle style article and include the website details. Ensure the AI understands the task at hand. Now, generate an outline prompt by asking the AI to create an engaging and in-depth outline about the best affiliate websites to follow in 2023, including the information from the system and any other relevant details.

Adjust the temperature to around 0.79, increase the maximum length, and submit the prompt. The AI will generate a customizable outline for your specific blog post.

Step 3: Generating the Full Article

With the outline in hand, it’s time to generate the full article. Using the prompt, “Using this information system and the outline, write the full article. Be as in-depth as possible, include lists and tables, and maintain an engaging and informative tone. Write in markdown.”

Submit the prompt and let the AI generate the article. Sometimes, the initial content may be shorter than desired due to token limits. If this happens, you can remove excess prompts to create more space and switch to the GPT-3.5 model. Ask the AI to expand the article while maintaining the style, lists, and tables. Increase the maximum length and let the AI generate a longer article.


Using this workflow, you can create high-quality and engaging listicle style articles. Remember to extract information from authoritative websites, create an outline, and generate the full article using Chat GPT. If you need to expand the content, consider switching to the GPT-3.5 model for additional length. 

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