How to Optimize Your Merch by Amazon Listings

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How to Optimize Your Merch by Amazon Listings


In this blog post, I’m going to show you the best way to write your listing for Merch by Amazon and search for trademarks and copyright to ensure your designs don’t get rejected. We’ll go through a hands-on practical example, where we’ll create a design, find high-traffic keywords, and optimize the listing for success.

Step 1: Researching Trending Designs

Using Merch Dominator, a free tool, go to the Research module and click on “Best Sellers.”
Set the date range to the last four days to find trending designs.
Identify a design that stands out, such as “Happy 100th Day of School.”
Open another Best Sellers module and search for the chosen design to see similar designs and their rankings.

Step 2: Collecting Keywords

Open the Keyword Editor module in Merch Dominator.
Open the Product Search module and enter the keywords “Happy 100th Day of School.”
Copy the keywords from the search results and paste them into the Keyword Editor.
Repeat the process by searching for “Happy 100 Days of School” and copying those keywords as well.
To add more variety, select one, two, or three best sellers and copy their keywords.
Step 3: Creating the Listing

Open the Listing Creator in Merch Dominator.

Paste the original text in the keywords section.
Copy the output keywords and paste them in the keywords section as well.
Use the original text to create phrases and the output keywords for one-word keywords.
Select the most relevant and important keywords for the title, brand, and bullet points.
Use a title that reflects the design and includes important keywords.
Format the title within the character limit.
Choose a brand name that aligns with the design and includes relevant keywords.
Bullet Points:
Use filler keywords or copy long-tail keywords from the original text.
Make sure the bullet points include relevant information about the design, target audience, and any unique features.
Add keywords related to the niche, such as grade levels, school types, and themes.
Cross off keywords as you use them to ensure variety and avoid keyword stuffing.

Copy bullet points one and two to the description section.

Include important keywords and make the description readable for both users and search engines.
By following these steps and using Merch Dominator, you can create an optimized listing for your Merch by Amazon designs. Ensure your designs are not rejected due to trademark or copyright issues and increase your chances of success. Remember to stay within Amazon’s guidelines and avoid keyword stuffing.
Note: The above structure is just a suggestion. You can modify it according to your preferences and writing style.

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