How I Used GPT-4 to Boost Organic Traffic on an Established Website

 Boost Organic Traffic

How I Used GPT-4 to Boost Organic Traffic on an Established Website

Hello and welcome to this blog post, I’m going to show you what happens when I post one of my GPT-4 articles onto a domain that’s already considered authoritative in the eyes of Google.

Introducing Isuit

Before diving into the results, let me tell you a little bit more about the website I’m experimenting with – Isuit. I’ve mentioned it briefly before, but it’s a reasonably strong website that’s well-known in the business of classic menswear.

My Experiment: Writing Three Blog Posts a Day Using GPT-4

As you may know, I’ve been experimenting with writing three blog posts every day using GPT-4 and my methods to see what happens. I write articles using my usual method, which involves creating listicles.

Traffic Results on Isuit

The results from Isuit have been really promising. When I joined the company, they were getting about 100 clicks per day. However, after implementing my SEO work, we’ve hit a new record of 1,246 clicks in one day – all organic!

The Importance of Keywords

One of the reasons for our success is the selection of keywords. For example, “luxury jeans brands” and “top 10 jeans brands” are both excellent keywords that have performed well.

Analyzing Blog Post Results

Now, let’s take a look at the performance of some of my blog posts. The first one, “Top 10 Jeans Brands,” was released on April 20th. By the 21st of April, it already got six impressions, which is above average. After just three days, it had 77 impressions, which is incredibly good. It’s currently ranking at position 7, but I believe it will eventually go to number 1.

Another article I wrote was “Best Italian Designer Bag Brands.” It’s been indexed and is performing really well with 149 impressions every day after just two days of posting.

Debunking the AI Watermark Myth

There’s been a lot of talk recently about GPT-4 having a watermark that could prevent content from ranking because Google can see it was written by AI. However, I can assure you that all of my articles were written by GPT-4 using the playground and the methods I’ve shown you. There’s no AI watermark that would prevent the content from ranking.

My Mistake with Two Men

I should note that I made a mistake with Two Men. I posted 17 blog posts in one day, which caused traffic to drop to 150-200 clicks per day, down from 300 clicks before. I’m working to resolve this error.


Overall, my experiment with GPT-4 and Isuit has been a success, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. If you’re interested in boosting organic traffic on your website, I highly recommend trying out GPT-4 and experimenting with your own methods. Thanks for reading!


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