Google’s $300 Million Investment in Anthropics: A Rivalry to OpenAI and Chat GPT?


Google's $300 Million Investment in Anthropics: A Rivalry to OpenAI and Chat GPT?

Google has recently invested a staggering $300 million in Anthropic, an AI startup company. Anthropic specializes in developing generative AI technologies, including AI chatbots and large language models. This puts Anthropic in direct competition with OpenAI and Chat GPT. What makes this rivalry even more interesting is that the founders of Anthropic are former employees of OpenAI who left due to disagreements on the company’s direction. With their insider knowledge, Anthropic has the potential to become a formidable competitor in the AI space.

Anthropic’s AI Capabilities

While using Po, the latest AI chatbot released by Cora, I came across Anthropic. Po incorporates various models, including GPT-4 Chat T and Anthropic’s unique large language models called Claude and Claude Plus. These models, trained on their own dataset, aim to rival GPT-4 and Chat GPT. Anthropic’s models have shown impressive output quality, providing intuitive and in-depth answers to queries.

Creating a Simple HTML Website with Claude

One test I conducted was asking Claude to generate HTML code for a simple website. Surprisingly, Claude was able to produce the desired code, complete with headings and paragraphs. The generated code also includes links that provide further explanations when clicked. Additionally, Claude suggests other related topics for exploration, such as examples of basic HTML documents or advanced CSS and JavaScript learning resources.

Limitations of Time-Dependent Information

To test Claude’s knowledge beyond 2021, I asked about the most important specs of the iPhone 14. However, Claude indicated that it had no information on the iPhone 14 as it hadn’t been released yet. It correctly identified the latest released iPhone as the iPhone 13, which aligns with its training up to 2021. Like GPT-4, Claude lacks access to real-time or up-to-date information.

Creative Writing with Claude

In an attempt to evaluate Claude’s creative writing abilities, I asked it to write a story about an apple and an orange in a bin. The output was a fairly creative story that demonstrated Claude’s ability to generate engaging content. However, when asked to emulate the style and tone of Chris Rock, Claude couldn’t replicate a specific human’s voice or tone.

Cloud Plus: A More Powerful Language Model

To overcome some limitations, Anthropic offers Cloud Plus, a more powerful large language model. Using Cloud Plus, I tested the same inputs and was able to generate the story in the style of Chris Rock successfully. While Cloud Plus shows promise, in my opinion, Chat GPT still outperforms it in terms of overall output quality, contextual understanding, and training.

Anthropic’s Future and Google’s Investment

With Google’s substantial investment in Anthropic, totaling $300 million and a 10% stake, it’s clear that Google sees the potential in the company. It remains to be seen whether Google will integrate Cloud with Bard AI or favor Cloud over Bard. Cloud’s capabilities make it a strong contender against OpenAI’s models. The future will reveal how this competition unfolds.


Anthropic’s AI capabilities, especially with the Cloud model, present a significant challenge to OpenAI and Chat GPT. Google’s substantial investment in Anthropic reinforces its potential as a rival in the AI space. While there are some limitations and room for improvement, Anthropic’s models, particularly Cloud Plus, offer promising results. Time will tell how this competition shapes the future of AI. 

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