A Powerful Shortcut to Access Chat GPT on Your Phone

Unlocking the Full Potential of Chat GPT on Your iPhone

A Powerful Shortcut to Access Chat GPT on Your Phone

 Are you ready to take your Chat GPT experience to the next level? With the new and powerful sgpt shortcut, you can now access and integrate Chat GPT and all its amazing features directly on your phone. That means you can do everything you could with Chat GPT on your computer, but now conveniently on your cell phone. In this blog post, we’ll explore what sgpt is, how to setup, and some of the exciting use cases it offers.

What is sgpt?

sgpt is a Chat GPT shortcut designed specifically for integration on your iPhone. It goes beyond the capabilities of previous shortcuts by allowing you to access your calendar and music, enabling seamless integration of Chat GPT with native apps on your device. This opens up a world of possibilities and unique use cases that weren’t available with other Chat GPT shortcuts.

Unique Use Cases with sgpt

1. Custom Playlists Based on Your Music

With sgpt installed, you can ask Chat GPT to create a custom playlist for you based on your music preferences. For example, you can request a playlist of early 2000s pop songs and sgpt will use your Apple Music library to curate it. This feature sets sgpt apart from other Chat GPT shortcuts and adds a personalized touch to your music experience.

2. Summarizing Text and Articles

sgpt allows you to summarize text or articles directly from your iPhone’s home screen. Simply paste the text or multiple article links, and ask Chat GPT to summarize them for you. This eliminates the need to log into a web app or use a computer. Whether you need quick summaries for research, news, or any other purpose, sgpt makes it effortless.

3. Summarizing Text in Images

sgpt also offers the ability to extract and summarize text from images. By using the prompt “live text” and selecting an image, sgpt’s AI will read the text within the image and display it in your chat box. This feature is especially useful when you come across text in images and want to extract its content without manual transcription.

4. Schedule Assistance

sgpt can help you with your schedule by integrating with your calendar. You can ask questions like, “When can I take my next four-day vacation based on my schedule?” sgpt will analyze your calendar’s free slots and provide you with suitable options. Whether it’s finding the best time for a meeting or scheduling a long lunch, sgpt assists in optimizing your schedule.

5. Chat History and Export

Unlike other Chat GPT shortcuts, sgpt remembers all your chats within the current session. You can export your chat history and save it for future reference. This feature ensures you can access and revisit conversations with ease, preserving valuable information and insights.

How to Install sgpt on Your iPhone

To install sgpt on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Download the main sgpt shortcut called “s.GPT” from the provided link.

Obtain an API key from OpenAI by signing up for an account.

Download the sgpt encoder shortcut from the provided link.

Set up the main sgpt shortcut by adding your API key.

Add both the main sgpt shortcut and the sgpt encoder to your home screen for easy access.

Once installed, you can simply tap the sgpt shortcut on your home screen to start using it. Remember to grant necessary permissions when prompted to ensure smooth operation.


sgpt brings the power of Chat GPT to your iPhone, allowing you to unlock new and exciting possibilities. From creating custom playlists to summarizing text and images, optimizing your schedule, and exporting chat history, sgpt enhances your Chat GPT experience on mobile devices. If you’re ready to elevate your productivity and creativity, give sgpt a try by following the installation steps provided. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of Chat GPT right at your fingertips!

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